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a.    What else, if I prefer not to place my order online?
If  for any reason you prefer not to complete your order online, Learnware will gladly accept your order by phone or mail. If you have any additional questions and need assistance, speak to Manager (customer service), please call us at Customer Care line between 9:00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday - Saturday at 91 471 3209399 or on 91 92872 41997 and place your order.

b.    What if my product arrives damaged?
It is unlikely that your product might get damaged. In case of any complaints, please contact us at our customer care number or email us as soon as you receive the product. We will replace the product.

c.    What is Learnware Solutions?
Learnware Solutions is a Trivandrum based company involved in research, development and promoting educational software products through the brands Butterflies, e tutor and Get more skills.

d.    Who are the people behind this?
Learnware’s curriculum content creation process includes inputs from experts, teachers, academcians, educationists to ensure the highest quality standards in content presentation.Besides teachers, the learnware development team comprises writers, visualisers, animators, designers. Artists and software engineers who are responsible for creating the learner friendly educational titles.

e.    How is it different from printed resources?
For one, the content provided by Learnware allows you the benefit of interactivity. Ideas and theories are given a “feel it experience” through a series of animations and graphics. Content has been simplified to a great extent for easy comprehension. Various types of tests help student to get adapted to real test taking atmosphere.

f.    In what formats are  Learnware resources are available?
Learnware products are now available in CD format. You can purchase these CDs from our website or from bookshops near your locality.

g.    Once I start using Learnware educational cds, do I need to go to school/centres at all for learning?
Sorry children, you have to! After all, the whole idea behind Learnware is to supplement your efforts in picking up exam skills in a more systematic manner and develop high response efficiency. Besides your teacher can give you inspiration and motivation.

h.    Is the content obtained from authentic sources?
Yes. We have taken pain to ensure that all subject content is reviewed, rechecked and validated by a distinguished panel of experts, each of whom are teachers with many years of working experience.

i.    How can I post my problems?
You can e-mail your problems at info@learnwareindia.com. Or you could also ring us up at the numbers + 91 471 3209399 or +91 92872 41997 and talk to our customer care. You could very well visit our office.