Our Program

Inside Smart Kindergarten

Smart Kindergarten is a comprehensive academic program for Pre KG LKG and UKG classes. Our unique integration of Teaching learning materials + Teaching learning process ensures consistency and quality of academics in Kindergarten classes.

The unique features like 7 areas of early education. 7 types of instructional materials, 7 step Teaching Learning Process(TLP) are shown below

  • Its a comprehensive teaching learning system( TLS) which leverages the strength of traditional tools and smart class resources.
  • The pure book based teaching misses on the capability of Digital Resource while just the Smart Class misses out on the holistic learning.
  • SKG with its integrated (Teaching learning Materials+ Teaching learning Process) approach makes its easy for the teachers and the students to teach and learn.
  • SKG has successfully helped educational institutions to migrate from a person dependent teaching methodology to a process dependent approach. This ensures consistency and quality in by complementing the individual teachers capabilities

Deliverables and Benefits

  • Full set of academic books
  • Worksheet booklets
  • Creative sheets
  • Art and craft materials
  • Assessment booklets
  • Assessment & Observation booklets
  • Excellence certificate
  • Clear conceptual understanding
  • Better English language skills
  • More personalized learning
  • Enhanced efficiency by using all three modes of learning
  • Quick and frequent revision strengthens memory and retention.

Feature Advantage Benefit