Challenges in Kindergarten Education

  • Standardized teaching & learning practices inside classrooms
  • Teaching methodology that addresses all three learning modes – Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic
  • Attrition of teachers especially in the midst of the school year
  • High dependence on skill of individual teachers to maintain school’s standard of teaching
  • Lack of teaching tools for 360° development of all mental and physical faculties of the child
  • Consistency and continuity in teaching

Why Kindergarten classrooms are challenging?

  • Children love to learn through different modes
  • Some of them love to learn by seeing
  • Some others love to learn by hearing
  • Others they love to learn by doing.
  • The challenge of the teacher is to instruct all these kinds of  children in the same classroom settings.

Addressing Multiple Intelligence Development

The Integrated approach in Kindergarten

The pure book based teaching misses on the capability of Digital Resource while just the Smart Class misses out on the holistic learning.Smart KG with its integrated (Teaching learning Materials + Teaching learning Process) approach makes its easy for the teachers and the students to teach and learn .

Well Designed Process