Child & Parent

Student Materials

  • Full set   of  academic  books
  • Worksheet booklets
  • Creative  sheets
  • Art  and  craft  materials
  • Assessment  booklets
  • Assessment & Observation  booklets
  • Excellence  certificate

Student Benefits

  • Full set   of  academic  books
  • Clear  conceptual  understanding
  • Better  English  language  skills
  • More  personalized  learning
  • Enhanced  efficiency  by  using  all three modes  of  learning
  • Quick  and  frequent  revision strengthens  memory  and  retention.

Benefits to Parents

Parents can be be  confident  that  their  children  gets  the  finest  early  education.
Provision for  systematic  support  at  home  ensures  more  learning  outcome.
Timely  feedback  from  teachers  regarding  their  children’s  academic  progress.
Standardized  international  quality learning  material  for  their  children.
Better  English  language  proficiency  for their  children.
Develop  creative  abilities of  their  children.